Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

  • AI systems need to be able to understand humans
  • AI systems need to help humans understand them
  • Computational creativity

Understanding Humans

Many artificial intelligence systems that will come into contact with humans will need to understand how humans behave and what they want. This will make them more useful and also safer to use. For the foreseeable future, we will design AI systems that receive their instructions and goals from humans.

AI Systems Helping Humans Understand Them

Invariably, an AI system or autonomous robotic system will make a mistake, fail, violate an expectation, or perform an action that confuses us. Our natural inclination is to want to ask “why did you do that?”

Understanding Humans and Explanation Are Complimentary Technologies

One of the most exciting recent discoveries in my lab is that teaching AI systems to understand humans and teaching AI systems to explain their behaviors to humans are complimentary. The techniques that we developed to generate rationalizations of behaviors can be used to speed up learning of behaviors.

Computational Creativity

We’ve seen an explosion of interest and advances in computational creativity, where AI systems generate art, music, poetry, etc. Some of the most amazing (largely because of their visual nature), have been in AI painting and style transfer.

Concluding Thoughts

Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence recognizes the importance of humans in the environment that we hope to one day deploy AI systems and autonomous robotics. To make these technologies useful for everyday humans, and for humans to want to adopt these technologies into their lives and societies, AI must appear less “alien”. That does not mean that AI systems must think like humans or learn like humans. But the underlying hypothesis is that they must make themselves accessible and communicate on a level that humans are comfortable and familiar with. As of now, we humans are hard-wired to be effectively communicators and collaborators with other humans. Instead of making humans learn how AI systems reason, Human-Centered AI is about making AI and robotic systems understand how humans reason, communicate, and collaborate.



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Mark Riedl

Mark Riedl

AI for storytelling, games, explainability, safety, ethics. Assoc. Professor @GeorgiaTech . Associate Director @MLatGT . Time travel expert. Geek. Dad. he/him